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About Pormada

Pormada is a Hong Kong-based online shopping and fashion destination targeting the fashion forward and quality-conscious buyers.

We value the satisfaction and happiness of our customers so the products we carry are of highest quality, and our service meets the highest expectations. Our pioneer market is the Philippine territory. We deliver nationwide, partnering with the country's most reputable forwarders.

The Team

  • Louie Ang

    You know those books and articles about ultra successful multi-million dollar company guys that drop the fancy office and perks to be able to wear jeans and a t-shirt to work? Well, Pormada's CEO is one of them. When we're asking him to hold a reflector for us at a shoot, we sometimes wonder what he was thinking by making that jump, but as you can tell, his new baby has the makings of a "started from the bottom now we here" champion story.

    Not to mention, he's conveniently got a whole website of jeans and t-shirts to choose from to keep fresh for this new breed of success.

  • Sarah Meier

    All she really wanted was a desk and an opportunity to use her Photoshop skills for something, so when our Creative Director was approached to come onboard with Pormada, it was an immediate yes.

    As a second generation fashion industry brat, and a culture vulture at heart, the writer-model-host has returned to the world of eating pizza and working odd hours to be able to make our website super sexy and a cut above the rest.

  • Kelly Misa

    Who knew workhorses could look like thoroughbreds? Our secret weapon on the team is a nationwide heartthrob that styles, writes, organizes, and makes big decisions without breaking a sweat.

    Notorious for looking completely unfazed at three o'clock in the morning (her decision to work that late, not ours), there really isn't a better lady to look to when you need someone to run the entire Women's Department of a company. Fashion and beauty are her cup of tea, and we're just trying to get a sip of it.

  • Brent Javier

    We call him "the walking editorial", and rightfully so. Eternally picture perfect from head to toe, and a certified no brainer to dictate the Men's style category, the Canadian uproot is also our favorite person to pick on -- watching old YouTube clips of his showbiz guest appearances after a long day at headquarters has proven to be a wonderful team bonding experience.

  • Alyssa Lapid

    Alyssa began her foray into the blogosphere by sharing a delightful sandwich of her sartorial choices, silly stories, and stylistic substance; a certified geek, with a tad more fashion flair than your typical word and number lover. We brought her onboard as our Managing Editor because of her capacity as a writer, interviewer, style pixie, and organizational wonder kid, but keep her around primarily to discover how she manages to keep her signature Ruby Woo red lips pristine after a slurpy fix of her (relatively serious) ramen addiction. A recent intervention has shifted her dependency to kimchi fried rice. We shall keep you posted on what she obsesses over next.

  • Kaye Pernia

    Because of her propensity to answer just about everyone's "who, where, what, how, why, and when" questions swiftly and with ease, we could basically say that she is our real-life version of Siri and leave it at that. With a little more thought, however, you realize that the iPhone know-it-all program is really quite monotonous and sounds absolutely unenthused with life, and Kaye is the complete opposite. Free-spirited, approachable, sensible, happy, lighthearted, and deftly able to get the job done, our company's "golden child" is refreshingly genuine, knows and loves her role in fashion, and we love her for it.

  • Jessica Dela Fuente

    They say that still waters run deep, and that the less one uses their mouth for talking, the more time one has to use their brain and hands. Okay, we totally made that second one up, but judging from Jessica’s track record, our introverted little creator bee certainly knows how to put things into action without uttering a word. She’s done much more than her job description requires (including sewing a 50’s inspired poodle skirt overnight), and her illustrations are great little gifts. Seeing that her last name means “from the source, fountain, or spring”, it’s no surprise that her crafty talent is a constant stream of awesomeness.

  • Rica Rubio

    Her name sounds incredibly like NBA point guard Ricky Rubio, and though she is definitely not 6'4" or prone to growing scraggly facial hair, our webmaster extraordinaire has the same prodigy-like speed and efficiency as the wunderkind athlete. Responsible for maintaining and enhancing Pormada's e-commerce and blog site, this former bank employee is also an undercover superhero, spending her free time volunteering to animal welfare groups. Rescuing neglected and abused animals, most commonly stray dogs. Rica believes that, "Our prime purpose in this life is to help others. And if you can't help them, at least don't hurt them". We are proud to say that we have not harmed Rica in the making of this website.

  • KD Macalinao

    KD self-professedly lives and breathes design and sarcasm, one of which was an essential void that needed to be filled on our team (guess which). Like a child, she has no qualms subsisting solely on eggs and fried chicken, however her predilection for an ice cold beer or a half-and-half Jack Coke to accompany said meals, are telltale signs she's all grown up. Without her contact lenses or hipster glasses on she has 500-500 vision, which makes her last name pure irony. Although she's a type addict, the self-diagnosed dyslexic finds herself prone to typographic errors, which means that thsi setnence rihgt hrere is, liek, coplmetely nomral to her.

  • Miguel Miranda

    Word on the streets is that our resident photographer is some sort of video game master, which has led us all to believe that some children are just born trigger happy: Mr. Miranda can definitely shoot. He admittedly prefers his subjects to be of the female variety, but it’s the male models that always pay him compliments. Not sure if it’s his boyish charm, or his inability to sit still, but folks always think he’s 8 years younger than he really is, and judging from his childhood cameo in that Robin Padilla San Miguel Beer pool hall commercial of yesteryear, his face isn’t going to change for decades to come.